Mountain Lion P-45 faced the death penalty from ranchers in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, whose goats and alpaca were believed to be killed by the Mountain Lion last month.

The last permit to shoot the mountain lion was granted to a rancher after P-45 attacked alpaca and sheep on her ranch.

Animal welfare media, legislation and advocacy groups, such as: World Animal News, Jane UnChained, Social Compassion In Legislation, Mountain Lion Foundation and Project Coyote, held a press conference before a meeting in Malibu, which was held to discuss the kill permit.

The press conference, took the National Park Service by surprise and over 250 people showed up, most of which opposed the shooting of beautiful Mountain Lion P-45.

After members of the public and National Park Services spoke about the issue, the meeting concluded and the last permit holder, Victoria Vaughn-Perling, had to make the decision about whether or not to spare P-45’s life. The next morning, Victoria voiced that she wanted a stay of execution for the mountain lion, sparing its life.

“We are so thrilled that as a result of the collective effort by key animal welfare and media groups in Los Angeles, we were able to convince the owner of the Malibu Alpaca Farm and her attorney to end the use of the kill permit for P-45. Due to the uproar from animal advocates and humane ranchers who wanted the Mountain Lion to live, their is hope for Mountain Lions in the Santa Monica Mountains” – World Animal News