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Your generosity allows us to continue our shared mission in conservation and building a humane peaceful world for all animals that we share this planet with!

Please make a monthly donation to support “Peace 4 Animals” global conservation efforts to protect all species on this planet. Each donator will become a member of “Peace 4 Animals” and receive our monthly news letter along with photos of our current project and other gifts.

All proceeds go directly towards the current campaign “Peace 4 Animals” is advocating for conservation, rescue, medical needs & expenses, anti-poaching and the nurturing and protection that are vital for these animals to survive.

World Animal News brings you the latest in breaking animal news, innovative pet products, animal charity campaigns, legislation, and celebrity-related animal news.

Give Me Shelter is an award winning documentary uncovering the most prevalent issues in the animal world through the eyes of the individuals dedicating their lives to them daily.

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