Santa Clarita Sand Fire

On July 23, 2016, Santa Clarita was hit with the devastating Sand Fire that spread rapidly and called for an urgent evacuation of thousands of homes, people and their animals. Many animal sanctuaries and horse owners had to evacuate because the fire was quickly approaching. As the wind changed directions, so did the fire and it headed straight towards The Monte Verde Ranch and their 140 horses, along with The Wildlife Way Station, who’s 450 wild and exotic animals had to be safely evacuated. Just a few of the many sanctuaries who had to evacuate all of their rescued animals.

As the fire continued to grow and more animals were in desperate need of evacuation, colleges, sanctuaries, animal control centers and shelters began opening their doors and allowing animals who needed temporary homes to be boarded at their facilities, ensuring their safety.

After several daunting days, the fire was 100% contained, leaving 38,346 acres of land that burned in its path. The animals who were brought to temporary boarding facilities have been transported back home safely.

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