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Baby Elephant Dies At Ringling Bros. Breeding Center

POLK CITY, FL – Mike, the youngest elephant resident at Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation (a breeding center) in Polk City, has died from the elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV). Final necropsy results are in progress, but officials preliminary results along with blood tests suggest that the virus was the cause of death.            Dr. Ashley Settles, the director of Ringling Bros. veterinary care: "No one knows why the virus manifests this way in some elephants, since…

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Breaking News! Thai Authorities Remove 5 Tigers From Infamous Tiger Temple

The first five of 147 tigers have been removed from the infamous Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi by the Department of National Parks, according to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.  This development sends a clear message to the rest of the world that the Thai government is serious about protecting its tigers, which sets an essential precedent.                        "The exploitation, illegal trade and torture is going to stop," the foundation said in a…

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Two Young Gorillas Dismantle Poachers’ Traps After Death Of Fellow Gorilla

RWANDA-Researchers have observed two four-year old gorillas working together to dismantle snares within Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park a few days after a poacher’s trap killed a fellow mountain gorilla in the same area. Veronica Vecellio from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund's Karisoke Research Centre in Rwanda: “This is absolutely the first time that we've seen juveniles doing that … I don't know of any other reports in the world of juveniles destroying snares. We are the largest database and observer…

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TAKE ACTION To Protect Gray Wolves In California!

The California Department Of Fish and Wildlife Conservation held a public meeting last night at Cal State Long Beach to discuss the controversial plan that would allow gray wolves, listed by California as an endangered species, to be killed under certain circumstances. The public meeting allowed stakeholders in Southern California to give a voice to the voiceless in an effort to extend protections for the wolves at risk. Fifty animal welfare advocates and three hunters (and one wolf hybrid) attended the meeting to discuss…

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LCA Investigation At Marineland Canada Reveals Cruelty To Whales

LCA conducted a five-month undercover investigation into Marineland Canada, during the summer and fall of 2015, with a primary focus on the park’s beluga whale population and the conditions under which they are being held. The majority of the park’s 46 belugas are confined to just three main pools with no breeding program in place to regulate births, allowing Marineland’s population of belugas to continue to grow at an alarming and irresponsible rate. The investigation uncovered disturbing inadequacies in the…

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Dolphin Advocate Ric O’Barry Still Detained In Japan As Political Prisoner

American dolphin advocate Ric O’Barry has been detained in Japan since he was denied entry into the country on January 18th. He has stated that he is being targeted due to his efforts to save the dolphins from the tragic Taiji hunts. O’Barry faces deportation. “I’m a political prisoner. I think there are higher-ups in government who are cracking down on those who speak out against their war on dolphins,” O’Barry told Reuters via telephone from an immigration lock-up located…

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Jane UnChained: Stop Australia’s Live Animal Export Horror!

Watch Jane Velez-Mitchell of Jane UnChained; Katie Cleary, founder of World Animal News; Judie Mancuso, founder of  Social Compassion in Legislation; Ginn Andrews of World Animal News; activist Simone Reyes; Amanda Copeland; actor Martin Dingle Wall; and Patty Shenker, co-founder of the Animal Advocacy Museum, make an attempt to speak to Australian consulate officials to stop Australia’s barbaric live animal export trade! #‎BanLiveExport See more at: World Animal News

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BREAKING: South Africa Bans Leopard Trophy Hunting

The Department of Environmental Affairs has effectively banned leopard trophy hunting throughout South Africa after it set provincial leopard trophy hunting quotas at zero for 2016. The number of leopards in the country is unknown, and an urgent alert was sent that trophy hunting posed a high risk to the survival of the species. Under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), South Africa may allocate 150 leopard trophy export permits annually. A warning…

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