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Vegan Powered Racecar

WAN Helps Drive Home Leilani Munter’s Vegan Powered Race Car At Talladega

Vegan Powered Racing

World Animal News and Peace 4 Animals are excited to come on board to sponsor Leilani Munter’s Vegan Powered race car at Talledega this year, following her ARCA series race at Daytona this past February.

Leilani raced the No.15 Vegan Powered race car in the ARCA Series opener at The Daytona 500.

The sponsorship also provided the campaign with free vegan food giveaways to thousands of race fans during Daytona Speedweeks, including the day of the Daytona 500 when over 100,000 were in attendance.

Leilani is reintroducing her ‘Vegan Powered’ theme with support from World Animal News, Peace 4 Animals and A Well-Fed World. This time with the new number 98 car, new racetrack, same message.

Watch Talladega Superspeedway, May 5th, on Fox Sports 1.

“We support Leilani’s incredible activism, strength and determination, as she effectively combines her voice for animals and the vegan movement, together with her passion for racing”. “Leilani is changing the game for animal welfare and veganism across the country; helping to bring it to light in the mainstream in order to save more lives, human and animal alike”. “We are by her side 100%, rooting for her to win at Talladega this year.”
-Katie Cleary

Peace 4 Animals' Legislative Partner, Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL) Passes Two Bills In The First Committee At The California State Assembly.

Peace 4 Animals’ Legislative Partner, Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL) Passes Two Bills In The First Committee At The California State Assembly.

• The Pet Rescue And Adoption Act (AB 485), requiring dogs, cats and rabbits sold in California pet stores to be rescued from animal shelters or rescue groups.

• The Police Canine Encounters Protection Act ( AB 1199), to give law enforcement the required training to use non-lethal methods when encountering a dog during a call at someones home or in the field.

#YesOnAB485 #YesOnAB1199

Rhino Orphanage

Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage In South Africa Attacked By Poachers, Is Now Protected!

WAN recently shared a heartbreaking message from Allison Thomson of Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching (OSCAP) that the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, was attacked by poachers, tragically leaving several rhinos dead, care-givers severely beaten, and one young woman sexually assaulted.

An Indiegogo fundraising campaign was launched by an orphanage volunteer, Megan Richards, with a goal of reaching $55,000 USD, which would enable them to keep the remaining baby rhinos safe for one year.

WAN and Peace 4 Animals donated the final amount that the campaign needed to reach the orphanage’s goal of 55k. The baby rhinos are now safe for the year!

Georgia Cat Rescue

Peace 4 Animals Sponsors Animal Aid USA’s Cat Rescue In Georgia

Peace 4 Animals sponsors the brand new Cat Rescue & Sanctuary at Animal Aid USA’s new center in Georgia.

The grand opening of the center was a huge success and brought roughly 500 dogs and cats who had been rescued from across the country, with the help of 150 volunteers, 25 transport vehicles and 15 airplanes, which flew them to the sanctuary!

A huge thank you to Lorenzo Borghese, Karen Talbot and the Animal Aid USA team, for your impeccable work in rescuing and providing homes for so many precious animals in need!

the last pig documentary

The New Documentary “The Last Pig”

After learning about the documentary “The Last Pig” which follows the life of a pig farmer who grapples with death, searches for compassion, and finally finds the courage to change, we were inspired to help.

The film follows, Bob Comis, a pig farmer who has provided a humane—even idyllic—life for the 250 pigs he farms. He develops a closeness that begins to haunt him, and his weekly trips to the slaughterhouse become agonizing.

Through his personal journey, “The Last Pig” raises crucial questions about equality, the sanctity of life, and the value of compassion. Comis’ soul-bearing narrative carries us through his final year of farming pigs, the struggle to reinvent his life, and the ghosts that will haunt him forever.

The documentary is scheduled to be released in May 2017. For more information about “The Last Pig” visit:

Nellie the Rhino

Nellie The Rhino Has Been Rescued!

Nellie’s rough patch began after she was shot twice by poachers in 2016. Miraculously she survived, and while being treated for her wounds, she was found to be pregnant.

Nellie was soon sold by her owner who no longer wanted to keep rhinos on his farm after fearing more poaching attacks. She was moved to a new farm, but sadly had not taken well to her new environment; so much so that she had developed a deep depression, possibly PTSD, which was causing stomach ulcers. Ulcers in rhinos can harm the baby and eventually lead to death. Her owner feared that he would lose her and the baby due to depression, illness or injury, and decided to sell her.

Following the breaking news of Nellie’s terribly sad story, a South African-based charity intervened and offered to buy Nellie to ensure that she and her baby will be safe. They raised nearly 50% of the $30,000 needed in just fourteen days, but they still needed another $15,000 to move Nellie to safety.

Due to incredible and powerful community support, Nellie was SAVED! WAN, Peace 4 Animals & friend Duffy put in the final amount needed to save Nellie and her unborn calf from being sold to China. The collective effort from so many wonderful people to make this happen was unbelievably inspiring!

Nellie has been moved to her new sanctuary and is about to give birth! This is great news for the survival and future of her species!

Historic News! Ringling Bros. Circus Will Close After 146 Years!

ELLENTON, Fla. — The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will end “The Saddest Show on Earth” in May, following a 146-year run.

Kenneth Feld, the chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment, which owns the circus, told The Associated Press declining attendance combined with high operating costs are among the reasons for closing.

Feld said when the company removed the elephants from the shows in May of 2016, ticket sales declined more dramatically than expected.

The company broke the news to circus employees Saturday night after shows in Orlando and Miami.

Ringling Bros. has two touring circuses this season and will perform 30 shows between now and May. The final shows will be in Providence, Rhode Island, on May 7 and in Uniondale, New York, at the Nassau County Coliseum on May 21.

This is truly groundbreaking for the welfare of all wild animals and will set the stage for the humane treatment and respect these sentient beings deserve. They were born free and deserve to live free in the wild where they belong. -World Animal News

Source: AP

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Mother And Baby Orangutan Saved From Life-Threatening Situation In Borneo

A mother organgutan and her tiny baby who have been named Mama Rindi and Baby Rindi, were rescued by Borneo locals, after finding their way onto a rubber plantation.

This was a dangerous situation to be in as many people do not tolerate the animals which can result in them being brutally attacked or killed. The pair was lucky enough to be discovered by local residents from a nearby village who took compassionate action and contacted International Animal Rescue (IAR), which immediately sent members of its Human Orangutan Conflict (HOC) team to find them.unspecified-12The following morning, the entire rescue team set out to capture the pair. IAR’s marksman successfully hit Mama Rindi with the first shot of his dart gun and she and her baby both landed safely in the net stretched out below them.unspecified-6After being captured by IAR’s rescue team, they were examined by a the organization’s veterinarian who confirmed their good health and approval of relocation and release.unspecified-7The pair was loaded into a carrier and relocated to a safer place in the rainforest where they would be released. unspecified-8Finally, the pair was safely released. unspecified-10“This mother and baby are safe now but their story could have ended in tragedy had it not been for the actions of our team. Although some people know to contact us if they spot an orangutan near their village, others still react aggressively to the apes’ presence. By searching for food in the rubber tree plantation, the mother ran a serious risk of being attacked and killed, leaving her tiny baby to be taken and sold as a pet. It’s a great relief to know they are safe,” said IAR CEO Alan Knight.unspecified-9The reason that this and other rescues like it are so important for the state of orangutans is that the population of Bornean orangutans has declined by more than 80 percent over the past 75 years and unfortunately, there is little awareness or understanding of the problem locally.

Because of a heightened state of concern for the Bornean orangutan population, they have been moved from Endangered to Critically Endangered, which is just a step away from extinction, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, while the outlook for Sumatran orangutans does not look to be any better.

The number of orangutans in need of rescue sadly continue to grow due to deforestation and land clearing for palm oil and rubber plantations, logging and mining. The loss of habitat is also making it harder to find safe places to release those who can be returned to the wild. However, rescue teams are hard at work trying to improve the state of the rainforest and abolish palm oil plantations, which are critically harmful to orangutan habitats.

“While the situation for orangutans is a bleak one, we wouldn’t be working to save them if we didn’t still have hope for their future.  Our teams in Indonesia will continue their lifesaving work during the year ahead with as much determination as ever to fight for the orangutans’ survival,” added Knight.

Source: Care2

Photo Credit: Care2, International Animal Rescue